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Industries We Serve: Real Estate

Your customer database has great value as a source of marketing data that can drive your business to increased sales, better customer retention and greater profitability.

Your database can provide customer information you can act on immediately, but database marketing can also produce effective results over time when applied with a long-term strategy for consistently finding new customers and reclaiming past customers.

These include:

  • Radius marketing offers to individuals who live in the same geographic area as your existing customers.
  • Drip marketing that relies on the cumulative power of many small encounters and interactions between you and a potential customer.
  • Using your database to recover past customers
  • Database marketing for generating referrals

Real estate companies benefit from our services by:

  • Giving access to prospect data through various campaigns, behavioral analytics & digital services
  • Determining predictable value added delivery across planning, strategy, campaign management or execution
  • Leveraging years of experience in consulting, identifying & prospecting through various direct marketing activities that help to stand out in front of your competitors
  • Developing strategic roadmap with optimized touch strategies requiring best practice insights
  • Producing high ROI on all your marketing spends