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Email Marketing Services

Are you stuck with ineffective email campaigns that send generic email messages to all of your prospects without any customization to their needs?

Yet another one of our specialties. An area where complete knowledge is required or failure won’t be far away. Open rates, bounce rates, subject lines, technical delivery, broadcasting, database cleansing, geo-targeting content, goal conversions, split testing. They all are important.

A Few Facts for you:

  • Research shows that 69% of companies are sending HTML emails in 2005 compared to 47% in 2002.
  • In India, weekends and evenings are the most popular times to check personal emails (before 10am and after 6pm).
  • 19% of recipients will delete an email unread if it fails to render/display correctly.
  • The ‘From’ line is more important than Subject Line, with 66% finding content of the From line most influential in compelling them to open against 29% for subject line length.
  • Offers not attractive enough was cited by nearly half of respondents (46%) as reason to not interact with an email followed by security at 43% and long Emails at 26%.
  • B2C email recipients prefer Friday (31%) and Wednesday (26%) (open rates).
  • Recipients are more likely to open emails which use personalised subject lines and messages.

We utilize our proprietary email campaign manager tool for:

  • Rapid counts and selections – all carried out through PC
  • Graphical Interfaces – enabling marketers to analyze and manipulate data without IT experts
  • Shortened campaign planning and execution timescales-enabling marketers to reduce time to market and be more reactive.
  • Integrated multi-channel campaign Management – e.g. mail, email, phone
  • Automated campaign reporting – enabling learners to be identified and applied faster
  • Support for customer or prospect segmentations.

You'll immediately see the results on your desktop – exactly who read and clicked through from your email campaign. Not only that, we can analyse the data across multiple campaigns to spot trends and react positively to the actions of your target audience.